Friday, August 3, 2007

My kid was gonna be a STAR!

I saw a commercial on television for an "open call" for this new reality tv show, Kid Nation. It premiers next month & supposedly there is so much 'buzz' (yah, no one else I've spoken too has heard of it either, except for me) about it they were advertising this open call to cast for season 2.

I went on the website, looked it over about half a dozen seperate times. The process was easy, print & fill out a 20 page application, bring it to this water park on Friday & then the child (aged 8-15) has a 2 minute on camera interview to talk about themselves. Sounded simple enough.

So I figured, we'd never gone to Wild Rivers before, why not make a day out of it. I kept referring back to the CBS site @ my neighbor's, told almost everyone I knew & made plans.

DH had a meeting to attend @ work but I planned on us leaving to go as soon as he got home....of course that didn't pan out....we arrived @ the water park around one @ the gate knew anything about any audition & had never heard of the show....???

I finally had DH check via his cell phone, online....uuuhhh, yah, the open call was @ Raging Waters NOT Wild Rivers!

We were @ the wrong water park. It obviously was NOT meant to be. ;-/

How I looked over that site so many times & still got the wrong water park, I'll never know. Well, I do know it was no coincidental mistake. iykwim. lol

Ds was fine...he said 'we'd' miss him too much anyway....see the show is 40 kids, 40 days, NO their own society. Sounds cool for it next month.

The water park was "ok"...we were only able to stay a few hours cause DH had to be @ work @ 5pm. Yah, the day went nothing as planned. My middle little had a blast & went on all kinds of water slides & kid friendly splash areas. My littlest little didn't want to do anything but swim in the pools---something we could do @ home for free. My oldest didn't want to go on any big water slides. DH wanted to go on big water slides but not by himself. I was too busy carrying stuff & taking pix to go on anything...{sigh} It wasn't NOT was just OK. lol

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