Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July

Have I ever told you how much I HATE fireworks?
Oh I LOVE fireworks shows, all the big ones in the sky, @ Disneyland ect.
But the ones legally sold @ fireworks stands around the neighborhoods...I despise. Besides being a waste of money...they scare me. Especially sparklers, that you have to hold in your own hand. heeeellllllooo?
What's worse? All the illegal firesworks going off in my neighborhood to make it sound like a WAR zone. Literally, I am not exaggerating. It's kinda scary.
I prefer my pyrotechnics to be handled by the professionals, thank you very much.
People setting off M80's, bottle rockets, I envision a bullet shooting through my front room any minute now. YIKESaBEE!

Got some COOLIO pix though didn't we?
Happy Independance Day! lol

Interestingingly enough...our city had a huge anti-illegla fireworks campaign going on all season.

I can appreciate the good intentions....but the flyers really played up the idea of 'ratting out' your neighbor. You know the drill, if you see any illegal fireworks please call: 1-800-bla-blah, kwim?

THAT reminds me too much of 'big brother'. Remember 1984? Is it really our responsiblity to keep tabs on our 'neighbor'? Rubs me the wrong way....although I was quite tempted to make a few phone calls once the war simulations began. :(


  1. Those pictures ARE great!! Yeah...last night some guy set off an m-80 right near our little guys and scared us all to death!! I'm there for ya.

    :-) Susan

  2. I nominated you for an award...come on over and pick it up when you have a chance.

    :-) Susan


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