Tuesday, July 3, 2007

How does your garden grow?

I LOVE this picture I caught of a lady bug on one of our sunflower stalks!
The garden is growing well....not much produce yet, but it shouldn't be long, well except for the pumpkins & melons. lol
Looking good hanh? See how well everything has filled out? You can't really see but we also planted sunflowers as a border along the small front fence. (bottom right of pic) The ones on the left got eaten but they are flourishing around the raised bed. I want to plant more because they grow easy & really brighten up the spot.




SUNFLOWER border around raised lettuce bed.

THe herbs are growing well. My chamomile never sprouted....but I just need to plant some more seeds. We also added a mini-pumpkin (actual miniature pumpkins will grow) patch in the front yard side garden bed & there are plenty of sprouts. Also regular sized pumpkins have sprouted in the backyard along w/ watermelon sprouts.

Plenty of things did not sprout, but that's ok.
We're learning alot & once this summer season is over it will be time to plant the 'winter garden'. And when Autumn rolls around, it will be time to harvest our squash & pumpkins.
I'd like to add more edible flowers in between the produce. Marigolds & nastursiums come to mind, they also help control/hinder pests.

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