Friday, August 10, 2007

Anyday now....

My internet should be back up.

I am getting the run around from the phone company (ATT!). No one knows what is going on or when it should be back up, misplaced orders, missing orders, replaced orders, delayed orders, unknown orders...whatever!

I wouldn't mind SO much except they keep telling me it will be on on a specefic day & then it's not. kwim?

I haven't been running as often as I like...but I have been trying to mix it up w/ bike riding. The last 2 runs I did I felt very good though. I started a new route, 2.5 miles one way so if I run that far & home it equals 5 miles. I only did 4 & walked the last mile home for my cool-down. There is a big hill to go over...LOVE it. Last few weeks though, I've only been averaging about 2 runs a week. :( I am seriously entertaining the Triathlon idea though. I got a 'real' bathing suit to swim in @ the just gotta get to the gym.

I'm not trying to make excuses...but I can normally incorporate my ktbunch into my 'workouts' by riding my bike w/ them (in the trailer that they are way too big for) to the park, having them walk w/ me for my warm-up & cool- downs & whatnot. I can't incorporate them into gym work outs though. kwim?

I am thinking I can take them to the waveless beach so they can play & I can swim. Oldest likes to boogie board so he's not too thrilled w/ that idea, but the world doesn't revolve around him now does it? ;-)

And no, I still have not lost any weight....not sure what's going on there as my eating habits have stayed the maybe I really need to make serious changes?

Garden is going well. Sunflowers have started blooming...wish I could post a pic...will when I can. Tomato plant has quite a few green tomatoes & bell pepper has a few too. Squash is still producing delisciously. The honeydew has ONE fruit starting. Not sure why there is only 1 fruit between 2 plants...might have something to do w/ a lack of fertilizing or pollination? Looks like the mini-pumpkin plant will start fruiting soon...We can only hope. ;-).


  1. Hey girl!
    Been thinkin' about you - hope you are doing well. Have a great weekend!


  2. Your garden looks great when I drive by. :-)

  3. Hope you're connected again soon. I miss hearing from you.

    :-) Susan


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