Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Charlotte Died

"It is not often someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both." -E.B. White, from Charlotte's Web

We've been reading a chapter of Charlottes Web every night or every few days. Last night, she died. I thought it was quite fitting as today is the anniversary of my mom's death last year. I couldn't help but cry, for Charlotte, for mom, for me, for Wilbur, for Dh, for my littles, for all that is NOT right w/ my world @ this moment.

S just kept looking @ me w/ a sad face, maybe a little worried, unsure whether he should cry or not too. He asked me what was wrong. I told him I'm sad because Charlotte was dying & she was a very good friend to Wilbur....and it reminds me of grandma dying. He then said: oh, ok.

Charlotte died all alone. I am glad my mother didn't.
We went to the cemetary w/ my brothers...(my dad was busy w/ some personal drama that I don't have time or energy to care about) We released some balloons & brought flowers & ate lunch. The spot is all finished now. The waterfall & wall are completed. There are alot more trees & they have added a valley behind it. It was very hot & muggy. (due to dry weather & the fires & ash in the air)

E (dh) did not acknowledge the day. No surprise right? I was a little selfishly disappointed that I did not hear from my in-laws either. But whatever. I know where thier loyalties lie & it's not w/ the 'truthful person' here. I'm sure they did not even remember & I know E did not tell them...if he even remembered either.

Last night, as I prayed w/ my ktbunch before bed, my 7yo S---prayed & asked for 'wisdom'. What does a 7yo need wisdom for? lol Lately he's been praying for 'guardian angels over mommy & daddy'. Where does he get this stuff? lol

I guess from me right? lol

My race is Sunday & I have NOT ran in 2.5 weeks. :-(

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  1. I could only think, "And a little child shall lead them." Sometimes they are just the faith and wisdom that we need.




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