Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We took a drive to go apple picking. We went to a popular spot & were SO disappointed. The people there were SO rude. I actually think they were racist or @ least acted discriminatory. The ktbunch & I went w/ bro w's (sil) family, they are all mexican. It was very disappointing. Not only were the people down right rude, they were just NOT helpful @ all.
And it was slim pickin's on the apples...It was also very crowded. We're used to going on weekdays as a field trip, I don't like crowds. Too bad too cause I would have purchased quite a few books from their store because they had a bunch of educational ones I would have liked to have used.
So we drove back down a bit & went to another 'farm' & took a hay ride & chose pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. The hay ride driver was VERY nice & friendly. I'd like to go back because across the street was owned by the same family/people & they had a shop & apples ect.
We drove a bit further down to a place called SnowLine, we've also been thee before. They have a small apple shop...bags of apples were around $9!!! YIKES! I would have liked to buy some to make apple pies, but @ that price, I'll just go to the grocery.
I DID get a gallon of apple cider.....around $9 for a gallon! YIKESABEE! But it's totally fresh & delish! AND the most cutest pie top cutter. It's got a bunch of little apples around a big apple cut out for the top of your apple pie. It will top my pies perfectly! And of course we all shared a big juicy caramel apple.
I DO have to say that is ONE main reason I am SO glad to be back @ 'home'. Not sure if I've ever mentioned it before...but I have an antique (vintage?) OKeefe & Merritt stove...& I've baked ALOT of GOOD pies in it. I LOVE that stove! :-)
Yah, so we've got more pumpkins then we really need but so what right? ;-)


  1. I LOVE that area. One of my sanctuary places (well, not with the crowds though.. lol). Oh and I have that pie cutter topper thingy. Guess where I bought.. same place. LOL!

  2. $9 for a gallon of apple juice??????? That's AMAZING. I hope it tasted wonderful.

    Sounds like it might have been a great day minus the crowds and rude people.



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