Thursday, October 18, 2007

What's a girl to do?

When her life's falling apart?
When she's faced w/ unwanted changes?
When the future is so uncertain?

REDECORATE of course! ;-)

I'm repainting my bedroom---it's taking much longer than expected OR necessary.

My painting was interupted Monday when the bathroom sink was about to fall out of the wall. The pipes had been leaking & it got so bad it was rotting the cabinet. The cabinet, being so water damaged, could no longer support the sink, it was being supported solely by the pipes.

SIL & I (aka: Laverne & Shirley) installed a new cabinet (which came w/ a sink, I didn't know that) & pipes ourselves. Voila! Since the new sink & cabinet look so nice...I figured I HAVE to also paint the bathroom too right? We will do that on Saturday....I chose a brownISH color & will trim in light blue---I told DS it will be 'boyish' that way---don't tell him it will look like a 'Tiffany' bathroom, ok? I also got new peel & stick linoleum to apply over the old stuff. SIL said it's a nice but cheap way to spiffy it up.

I've got my walls done in my bedroom AND my bed. I rushed on the bed...but I could only stand sleeping on the couch for so long. kwim? But now the living room is tidied & my room is still a disaster---so I kinda want to sleep back on the couch. lol AND maybe it's the idea of being in my BED, ALONE. (too much REALITY) sniff, sniff. I threw away my mattresses first thing, the day we came back. I wasted NO time.

I still need to paint the ceiling, doors & trim. {sigh}

Besides that stuff...I still have SO many things to do.

E was nice for a couple days---then he mood swang back to Dr. Jekyl... or is it Mr. Hyde? or Dr.Hyde? Anyway---you get the idea.

He's afraid of me apparently....hhhmmm? Afraid to be ALONE w/ me or around me. Why do you think that is? I have my OWN theory---afraid to face the TRUTH. I think I represent the truth---the truth of his unjustifiable behavior & the truth that he CAN FIX this but he absolutely refuses.

It's hard not to take it 'personal'. kwim? He called ME & had this nice conversation, he was pleasant. I didn't even say much or encourage it...the very next day....BAM! He's back to behaving like a jerk & refuses to be around me (for the kids) or to even communicate w/ me.

The really funny thing is...what does he think I'm gonna do? I am not nagging him to change or get back w/ me or ANYthing like that.

HHmmm...& he doesn't believe he's bipolar? WHATever!!!

Oh & another funny thing....after a couple of my UNexpected visits & confrontations w/ a woman who shall remain nameless and SHAMELESS, in MY home----he installed all these new locks. ok. BUT the funny part is...he had left the living room windows OPEN all this time!!! ALL the locks in the world couldn't keep ME from climbing in an OPENED window! lololololol I thought that was HILARIOUS!

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  1. How frustrating. So glad to know you're back in your own place though...and fixing it up must feel good to you!

    :-) Susan


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