Friday, January 11, 2008

Adventures in Homemaking....

I made a nice dinner tonight, you could actually call it a 'meal'.

Steak, biscuits (from scratch, who knew they were so easy?), vegetables (frozen) & potatoes.

I went to the grocery store & picked up this package of steak....I don't normally purchase 'steak'.....or much meat in general. My usual 'meat' choices don't vary much between: occasional ground beef, boneless, skinless chicken thighs/breasts, meatballs, deli/lunch meat or hot dogs. Yah, I rarely vary from the 'norm'. lol

I have been making more of a 'concerted' effort in this area, believe it or not. I don't particularly like to cook but I know it's because I've never felt I was ever that good @ it. I grew up on Mac-n-cheese, Hamburger Helper & pizza. iykwim.

I truly enjoy & feel proud when I nourish my family w/ an actual meal. There is something about it that you just don't get from a frozen or delivered pizza.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE pizza, probably way more than I ever should. lol I've been encouraged that creating a meal isn't so hard after all. It is also nice when you are creating it fro someone or someones you LOVE.

I felt deprived of that opportunity for the last 2 years...but no longer. I want my home to be inviting & loving for my family. What better way than to warm & nourish them from the inside out?

The other day I made Lemon-pepper chicken, it was delish! I removed my 'meat' from the bone before I put it on my plate & bones don't mix. ICK! lol This wasn't a new, exotic recipe for me either, I've made it before, but not in a very, very long time. My dh really likes it too. It's simple.

Cooking is not that hard, or @ least it doesn't have to be. I can make simple, easy to prepare meals in minutes w/o a special cook book.

But IS my 'friend'. :-)

A friend also pointed out how *I* love to bake. I always associated baking w/ 'desserts' (cause everyone always loves desserts) but she was referring to baking in general. It triggered my memory of all the non-desserts I could bake. Voila'!

I'm proud of myself.


  1. And well you should be! I love it that you are doing this. I am the worst cook..and I really hate to do it...but when I do, I often find that it's "doable".



  2. Cool! Hey, check out the Kraft Recipe magazine that comes in the mail each month. Easy, Fast, & usually inexpensive meal idea. You can get them on the Kraft website too.


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