Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lose a tooth & LOSE a tooth!

L lost her very FIRST tooth today (& she still looks cuter than ever! ). ;-)

She seemed very non-chalant about it. I went outside to talk to my neighbor & S came rushing to tell me L had lost her tooth. How exciting! I ask her oh, where is it? "I don't know." {shrug}

WHAT! How do you NOT know? She was eating an apple & noticed blood.

Ok, where were you eating your apple? on the grass.


How is the toothfairy going to visit & make the exchange if there is NO tooth?

Besides the 'tooth fairy'---HOW could she lose her very FIRST tooth? kwim? I save EVERY tooth, they are in a drawer, in baggies, that are dated! kwim? YES! I DID search in that wet grass for that baby tooth!

It was her FIRST one!!!!!!

sadness. ;-(

Well, she drew a picture for the she still paid a visit. lol

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