Saturday, January 26, 2008


Just like the other day.....did NOTHING for 2 days....So today, back out to RUN!

No knee pain this time. A little tight but no pain. Total of about 10k/6.2 mi. I double my 5k route but it's not an exact science. lol Took about an hour 15, decent pace for me. Not counting the 2 warm-up/cool-down miles.

Although it DID take about 2 hours to get OUT the door. lol The ktbunch goes along side me on their bikes. It's very slow for them on a bike & I am afraid they will fall over from slowness but they haven't so far. lol

It's actually been RAINING here in So Cal. I mean REAL rain, not the sprinkly or misty stuff that wets the ground & people skid & crash for no apparent reason. This was a real storm w/ lightening AND thunder & actual rain drops! lol

It lasted for about 3 days, very cozy tea time weather. Today started out sunny, beautiful clear blue skies w/ an awesome view of the freshly snowed on mountains. So it was great running weather...but news reports had warned it wouldn't last.

It's now raining again, 'sposed to last till Tuesday. I find it very exciting & oh so cozy! I love it....even though it can get 'depressing'. That is why the thunder & lightening are so exciting. kwim?

We decorated for Valentine's absolute FAVORITE 'holiday'.

We also popped up some Jiffy Pop! Yep, they still make those. Once again though, there was 'adventure' involved as one of the containers was bent & the foil opened prematurely, popcorn popping out all over the stove & catching on FIRE! It's ok though, ds & I blew it out. Yes we BLEW it out, took quite a few blows, but whatever. ;-)

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