Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Did 10k today!

After being a TOTAL LOSER & NOT running @ all for about 3-4 days....DH woke me right up today & said let's go! lol


So I was determined to put in a good effort. When I ran the other day, I made a purposeful effort to really 'work through' some of my emotional junk that I have...& it was pretty emotionally, as well as physically productive for me! I had told myself the other day, when I did NOT feel like doing a THING, much less running: 1) just do ONE mile & then you can quit if you want.....2) you can stop when you do a whole mile w/o walking THEN 3) you can stop AFTER you've worked through all this JUNK in your mind.

I ended up doing @ least the 3.1 miles/5k that day when I started out not wanting to do ANYTHING!

Now....a few days later....I KNEW I had some things on my mind & some bad attitude/resentment/ & downright anger brewing within I determined 1) to keep running UNTIL I worked through it all 2) push myself to run FARTHER 3) keep running until DH left for work so I would not "verbally vomit" on him.

Well w/ those thoughts in mind---I just KEPT running! Before I knew it...I was determined to go the full 6.2 mi/10k!

My knee was feeling tweeked but I pushed through it, not the wisest idea BUT sometimes you know you just GOTTA push through! kwim? The faster I ran, the less it hurt (it was due to my 'poor form' rather than the effort) so I did keep a fairly decent pace too!

DH was STILL home when I got back...but I did NOT verbally vomit on him NOR bring up any issues before work. YAY! I did not want to ruin MY pride in myself of accomplishing this milestone.

total run: 6.2 mi/10k plus walk warm up & cool down: 2 mi
total: 8 miles

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  1. You are amazing, kt! I'm most impressed with how you are working stuff out and getting through this leg of your journey. I know the running was put in place to help you be the best "you" there is. And you motivate me...although I can't get out and move while I work out "junk" in my own head.

    Much Love,



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