Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tea Time

For the past couple days, I've instituted 'Tea Time' w/ my ktbunch. It started because I had been baking cookies & I also had a spurt of energy & was doing a 'clean sweep' w/ everyone & promised everyone a treat as soon as we finished.

I turned on my favorite 40's cd (big band music) as we all donned aprons & went to work. I told them we only needed to work hard to accomplish as much as we could until the cd was over, then we could enjoy a treat. The not-so-littles were in charge of the front porch.

We opened all the windows for some fresh air. It wasn't long though before the chill returned, inspiring me for a warm cup of tea. I boiled the water, got out a few mugs & made tea. I made the not-so-littles w/ milk & sugar, I had my favorite, peppermint, as is.

After only setting the cd back a few songs..... ;-) was 'tea time'. We enjoyed 2 cookies each & I read them a Bible story. use of proper manners was naturally involved as well. It was quite pleasant.

Last night, after a long night, I decided to make my DH a warm cup of tea as well, along w/ cookies of course. I added milk & sugar to his as well. I knew he would think it rather strange @ first, not sure he's ever enjoyed a warm cup of tea before, but I prepared it lovingly anyway & knew he would like it once he tasted it.

I served us on a nice dish & sat w/ him on the couch. he kinda laughed @ first but I didn't take it personal. I told him: A warm cup of tea nourishes the soul. He took a drink & remarked how good it was. He enjoyed the cookies too.

Today we enjoyed tea time again. My not-so-littles actually asked me this morning if we were going to have 'tea time' today. This time I used real tea cups w/ the matching saucers, & matching dessert plates for their cookies. I read from my One Year Bible then decided to do a left over Christmas craft that we modified into an any season sun-catcher.

It was nice.

I hope to do this everyday......until I forget. lol


  1. How sweet! That sounds wonderful! You inspire me. I *could* do that with mine but they're young, so it probably wouldn't be all that relaxing, more of a discipline/training session. But sounds like a good idea for a bit older!

  2. I love it. Your bunch is blessed!!


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