Saturday, February 23, 2008

Closest I'll ever get?

After Big E's improv show tonight...we decided to walk around Hollywood a bit w/ some friends & get a bite to eat...if we could find an open place! It was after midnight & surprisingly, lots of places close @ midnight. The theater is right on Hollywood Blvd.

And it's "Oscar" weekend...Academy Awards are this Sunday.....

I'd never seen them live & I was excited to just see it 'set up'. Streets blocked off & the red carpet tented over, the giant banner signs announcing "The Oscars" & a gigantic golden Oscar @ the end.

We watch it every year & we've had parties a few times to celebrate. Of course, I can't even remember last year's winners...but still I enjoy imagining what MY Oscar Acceptance Speech would be like.

I commented to our friends: "This is the closest I'll ever get."
"You don't know that!" they encouraged.
I smiled & admitted, "Well, I have always fantasized my acceptance speech."
With out missing a beat they responded: "Well, you never know who you might know that might invite you to a party."


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