Tuesday, April 8, 2008

RUNning errands...

I had to go to the bank..it's a few blocks down....so I decided to kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone...Do an errand AND my work out @ the same time.

So I RAN to the bank. It was about a mile & a half there then back. It's on the way of my 'hill' route but I had gotten about half way there & had to turn back home then go back out again...so i did not go to the hill.

But I DID stop @ the park on the way back & did 15 bleacher stair repeats. I LOVE those. They are HARD & challenging but FUN somehow. The stairs have 15 steps & it really gets my heart pumping. They really help me let go of any ANGRY feelings I may be having too, surprisingly.

And HEY! No wasting gas either. I am blessed to live in an area where EVERYTHING is only a few miles away (if that) in any direction. My total for today was about 4-4.5 miles plus stairs. yay me!

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