Sunday, May 25, 2008

3 weeks to go....

I feel SO discombobulated & the most inadequate of our team.....3 are 'younger' & single, our pastor has a grown dd then there is ME. I've still got 3 school age chillers....for starters...Parts of me still thinks this makes absolutely no sense....that whole 'why me?' idea I guess.

It's not a 5 hour lay-over in's 10! We fly from LAX, departing 4:30pm on Sunday June 15, arrive in London 11:30am (their time) Monday & our team separates there. (impossible tickets!) 3 of us hang out in London for the day! Sounds fun...kind of! lol Then we leave 9:35pm & arrive in Ethiopia 7:30am Tuesday morning!

We'll be together for the flight back. Due to the timezones, we will leave Ethiopia Friday June 27 @ 4:30 AM & arrive back in LAX by 7:30PM the same day! LOLOLOLOLOL

That's REAL time travel!

Increase my faith Lord!

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  1. I'm so excited for you! I need to find your email again about this because it's in a very long "to do" pile. I'm praying for you.



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