Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh my WORD!

The airline tickets have been ORDERED! This is for REAL & it's exciting & scary & exciting & scary & did I mention EXCITING...& SCARY!!!!

I planned on going to turn in my passport application first thing Monday. I got my passport pix & then it was too late. NBD! Go first thing this morning. I was all ready, had all my paperwork, pictures, ID, birth certificate, money & my 'number'---you have to take a number.

As I was sitting there @ the post office, checked over all my paperwork, reading the fine print...I looked @ my birth certificate, & realized the version I had really gave NO personally identifying info. hhhmmmm???


My turn. I go up to the counter & it is a different woman than I got the number from. She said 'uhoh!'. That couldn't be good. Yep! As is typical for MY life, the birth certificate was not appropriate.

Off to the county registrar recorder to get a full copy. The line wasn't too long. I hoped I'd be done in time to return to the post office. Plus now there was this extra BC fee I wasn't planning on having to pay...

Well, PTL! I finally got to the window & in less than 30 seconds, the clerk took the BC I had in hand, printed out my complete one & I didn't even have to PAY! cool!

It was too late to go back to the Post office by then...so first thing tomorrow......
I do have another prayer request though...I called my health provider to make an appointment for my required-if-you-leave-the-country-shots & you have to leave a message for the 'travel nurse' & the message says they will call you back WITHIN 2 WEEKS! What? I heard one of the medications you have to take for 3 weeks PRIOR to leaving. This is serious stuff so...please pray that they will call me back to make an appointment like YESTERDAY!

On another note, when I got back home from all this errand running I got such a WONDERFUL surprise....but it's school related so you can read about it here! :-)

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  1. That's awesome, girl! No worries -God's got it all worked out! :)


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