Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Attitude

It may seem obvious to others but for me, this is new.

I pray consistently & my relationship w/ Jesus Christ my savior is growing by leaps & bounds...I am always crying out to him for everything & trying not to sound whiny. & hoping he will help me out. lol

So my new way of praying & looking @ things, instead of 'JUST' hoping he will answer my prayers...is to be excited in HOW he will answer my prayers.

For example...our family is going through so many changes & obstacles right now it's making my head spin, the least of which is major financial struggles. Our cupboards are almost over flowing w/ canned & dried goods but we had no fresh staples. I really didn't have the $$$ to go to the grocery store (I did have $$$ but it is supposed to be for something else). So I gathered the ktbunch around & let them know that we needed, milk, eggs, bread & if possible it would be nice to buy fruit. (the fruit was their idea! lol)

I told them we were ONLY going to take $20 w/ us to the grocery store & we were going to pray & see HOW God was going to answer our prayers. We also prayed for other specefic bills that are due ect.

Normally I would have taken the extra cash on hand BUT I did NOT. I ONLY took the $20 I thought of taking. We arrived @ the grocery store & immediately, since I knew I could not, I wanted to buy EVERYTHING of course. lol

But we stuck to our short list.

16 loaves of bread, 3 doz eggs, 2 gallons of milk & 3 lbs of apples= $19.65!

It wasn't even generic bread! lol It was 'GOOD' bread! There was an entire clearance rack FILLED w/ $.35 cent loaves of bread! VandeKamps brand! (which when on sale can be $1) Also the 'good' bread that when on sale can be $2 per loaf, was clearanced @ $.98 for a double pack! So the 'sale' value of these breads would normally have been:$24 (not the regular prices, which would have been even more!) but we got them for $6.80!

Which is WHY I purchased so many loaves! I stockpile the freezer & I thought of a friend who could probably use some too.

Don't worry, we're not starving or anything. We're just eating lots of canned, dried foods & cooking from scratch. I'm learning more & more how to make items from scratch but need milk & eggs to do it. kwim? Things like biscuit mix (& the biscuits), pancake mix, those yummy cinnamon rolls I posted about previously. I took those things for granted & always bought 'pancake mix' or biscuit mix or used frozen bread dough for cinnamon rolls ect. You know I LOVE baking! :-D

On another note: my life, which affects my family, looks like it will be going through some major changes. It's crazy & I'm not @ liberty to unveil the details yet (dh & I have to discuss some more) but it's all very CRAZY & exciting. Just thinking about it makes me feel lightheaded, excited & nausious all @ once! Lots of exciting changes!


  1. Sounds exciting! I will be sure to pray for whatever change it is. God knows. :-) Great deal on the groceries. God is awesome! Also, check out Superior and Buy Low markets. They aren't my first choice for stores but in a bind, they have been a blessing for our family's budget.. especially on produce. Praying for you, friend.

  2. Praying for you and your family during all this change and transition. :)


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