Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where is my life, & what have you done w/ it?

EVERYTHING I thought my life would be is NOT!


I would have, could have, WAS, happy to be "JUST" a SAHM! Although I resent the implication of ever being a JUST anything. iykwim.

But it was fine w/ me. I would make my own adventure. I loved my life. I loved to imagine it was the glorious 1950's I lived in. lol

Alas, it is not to be, not for now or not anymore. The life i live in right now, cannot support that ideal I had. I must work. We've hit that point, there is no denying it anymore. What that work will look like is still negotiable but it's inevitable. I am probably going to go back to school, not just the community college, as I thought...but University. To finally finish & actually get my 'degree'. Since I was going to go back anyway, my friend suggested I might as well go all the way & get the degree. It will probably be in writing & theater. (my initial major was Theater education (drama teacher) & English.

And the biggest change of all? The most insane thing ever?

I am going to ETHIOPIA!


I thought missions were things for singles, couples or people w/ NO children. God has been challenging ALL I ever thought about everything & MY role within this life.

Missions IS something I have always been interested in, if you can call it that: an interest.
Why? I don't know. Is it my sense of adventure? What? Is going w/o running water & actual toilets considered adventure? Is it some inner desire to get away? I think I can imagine nicer places to 'get away' too, right?

I need to fund raise. Travel is not free. Anything over & above trip expenses will be donated to the native churches we visit. I need to get a bunch of shots & a passport. Hiking boots, light weight rain coat/poncho, travel toilet paper, cargo pants.

It will be the HIGH rainy season, downpours in 80 degree temperatures. No running water, toilets, much less hospitals. No complaining, whining or crying allowed. Period. We will be escorted by 2 armed guards. There will be virtually NO communication 'home' for the two weeks we are gone. No telephone, cell phone or net access.

This is insane. I know. And I WANT to go w/ every part of my being!!!!!


  1. Woah! That's crazy! How awesome! I'll be helping you pray for this trip and this transition in your family's life. Much prayer and love from Charleston, SC my friend! :)

  2. That is SO exciting. I remember feeling a lot of the same things when I got called to Uganda. Let us know what we can do to help with support.


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