Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dizzy me!

I FAINTED this morning! arg. lol

I know some lightheadedness is normal for being pg right? I've been feeling lightheaded when I get up from my morning stretch. I wake up, do a cat-type-of-stretch every morning. This morning, I was doing my little stretch but then heard the street I got up, went to the restroom to let DH know (he was showering for work) & then shut the door.

I felt the familiar light headedness & just stood there waiting for it to pass then I felt myself slide down the wall & then when I was coming out of it I was all shaky & couldn't remember for a minute WHY I was in the hallway--last I remembered I was in my bed praying---& it's like I woke up in the hallway praying!!!

All this happened in a matter of seconds then I remembered that I had gotten up for the street sweeper & all that.

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