Friday, December 12, 2008

Adventures in Welfare pt 2

Whew! 5 hours later.....

No qualifying for any cash aid or the "Calworks' that AVOIDS any social worker coming into our home. YAY!

Right before we left we got in the mail DH unemployment 'award letter'. SO it's not really enough except for a sub-existance BUT it's definitely enough to pay the rent every month and choose between utilities & car payment. lol BUT PTL!!!! Cause although I was/am willing to go wherever the Lord would want me, I was really hoping He didn't want me (us) to all move in w/ my dad! lol

So PTL on that. & that is why we do not qualify for any cash aid or whatever. Which is fine.

We got Food Stamps...more than what I thought AND they gave them to us TODAY!!! PTL!

Didn't have to wait 30 days. Between the food stamp allotment & WIC we are going to prolly be eating BETTER than we have...I kept thinking to myself...Now i'll be able to continue to afford BUTTER & not margarine. lol

And we should qualify for Medi-cal health insurance but I think there was a mistake somewhere...the case worker said we would have a HIGH 'share of cost' like $2000 this month, which is more than our income this month, so that didn't make sense....& then $500 a month after that. But then the health care worker said that can't be true because if our SoC was so high we wouldn't qualify for medi-cal period.

But we'd already been there for 4.5 hours & didn't really want to wait to speak to the social worker again to fix I'll just call later. I'm covered w/ DH work insurance until the end of the month, so that is good.

AND after waiting 2 hours to get the EBT (food stamp card, it's like an ATM card)...I spoke to the a customer service person @ the front & she laughed & said we didn't have to WAIT for them to call us (like the social worker said) we just go to the 'cashier' & see if our card is ready. DUH!

It was. So it all worked out for now.

I'm SO glad this part is OVER!

& the social worker had a completely different attitude today, greeted me w/ good morning....& partially thru it all, she did say they were extra busy lately w/ the way things have been going w/ the economy. But when I'd ask her questions...then she'd be vague, but I'd persist as much as I could.

Later, we were @ the grocery store & we saw a couple we had seen in the welfare office. We thought that was funny.


  1. Praise the Lord!!!! Glad it got worked out!

  2. Praying for you and your family, my friend. :)


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