Saturday, December 13, 2008

Halogen Productions

Last night we went to our church's Christmas Production. It was surprisingly good. Now, I do have acting experience so it's always hard, I think, to watch something objectively when it's *your thing*, kwim? But I was determined to enjoy it, no matter what.

DH had given a few suggestions when he read the script but we did not know if they would be taken or what.

The play consisted of 8 random characters who end up trapped in an elevator, on their way to a holiday party.

It was *really* good. I felt proud to be a member of our church. I was proud of the cast & crew & the work they put into it. They did away w/ movie clips & kept it simply a 'stage play' & it worked so well.

I regretted not inviting family & friends. I was a bit distracted this week so I don't feel guilty. lol But it was so good. Tonight DH has an improv show or else I'd invite everyone & go again tonight.

I was disappointed to find out, afterwards, there had been childcare. Oldest would have enjoyed it but he was @ home w/ our not-so-littles. I had *no* idea child-care would be provided. I'm trying to figure something out so he can go tonight anyway.

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  1. Sounds wonderful!! You've been in my prayers.

    :-) Susan


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