Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So there's this *stuff* called Kefir...

I don't know, is it a grain? a bacteria? a culture?

Whatever it is exactly, it's reported to be *really* good for you.
An E-friend sent me some *grains* so I can *grow* my own & culture my milk to make it healthier.

Yah, it sounds a bit confusing hanh?
But I trust her & a bit of online research confirms the health benefits of ingesting such a *thing*.

You can read about it here. Or just google it yourself.

I am not an immediate fan of drinking it straight out yet, too tart for me. Plus I am having foody/texture issues lately due to a little thing called *pregnancy*, but it's fine if I add it to something else....such as cooked oatmeal, cream of wheat, malt-o-meal, tea, hot chocolate (prolly not the most healthy use, but whatever). etc.

So far so...good? Interesting?

But I read up on it just tonight so I could have more details to share w/ others, of my new found knowledge besides just: it's *supposed* to be *really* good for you. duh! lol

I've come to realize pretty much all ailments begin in our intestines & the #1 result of ingesting kefir is returning the intestinal tract to prime digestive condition. Ingesting kefir can result in the improvement if not disappearance of many physical ailments....even acne!

Another new *food* is coconut oil. It's actually the consistency of chapstick. Yep, chapstick, you can use it as chapstick too, actually. Go figure. Personally, I am now in *love*. It is just so deliscious! Anything you would use butter or oil for, you can use coconut oil. Seriously. I even put it in my tea to add flavor. Weird I know, to have oil in your tea, but it sure did taste extra good.

All those hot breakfast foods I mentioned above...also added coconut oil too. So yummy in oatmeal.

I oiled my cast iron skillet in it to cook pancakes...absolutely delish!!
I even spread it on my belly to moisturize! Not only did my skin really soften up in this recent dry air, but I smelled pretty good too.

I am excited to learn even more about nutrition this year. One step @ a time. I want to be as healthy as possible for baby, while pg...as well being a mom of *advanced maternal age*. Yah, I didn't know 35 was considered being of AMA either!!! But apparently it IS! There are even specific books @ the library written *just* for *older moms*, older meaning 35 & up. Nice! {eyeroll}

I guess they want to make sure my brain is no longer confused into thinking I'm still 28! :-) Why else would I keep being reminded? O for the love of all that is youthful! Cut a girl a break will ya? ;-)


  1. Wow...this is interesting. I love reading this sort of thing. The coconut oil, I think I could do...don't know about the other...
    :-) Susan

  2. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Your baby really likes the coconut oil, too. The taste of the kefir will grow on you. Glad you're enjoying the stuff.



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