Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve 2008

Have I even written about Christmas Eve yet? Aaaaahhhh...well....

We had another party this year w/ more guests then last year. That was nice.

Before the dad got married. I don't have too much to say about it. It is what it is & now it's over. I'm learning more & more that many things are better left unsaid, @ least publicly. I know, I prolly have a reputation for not holding back but....I don't know. Maybe another day, another time?

I was slightly over dressed for the event but I don't mind. I prefer to be over, rather than under dressed any day. ;-) It was nice to see some members from our *old, old* church. They were all amazed over how *big* oldest ds is, (he was born into that church so they remember him as a baby) & seeing S & Berty. I also heard multiple times, remarks about how much I look like my mother. Nothing new, but nice to hear from people who actually knew & remember her. Words like: spitting image, were heard & one guy even {automatically} called me by my mother's name!

Then back home to get our party started. The stage was wonderful! Plenty of people got involved w/ the Karaoke & the Guitar Hero. It was cold & foggy but that didn't stop too many people from singing the night away & enjoying themselves in the back yard. I'm sure it helped to have the fire pit going. A few chose to keep warm by playing our Atari 7800 inside. Total coolness & nostalgia.

I had a pretty fun time...but hey, toss in a stage & that's *easy* for me. LOL I could have easily monopolized it all night. heehee.

The night ended/morning began w/ a prank followed by lots of laughter. Oldest ds & a friend/guest from church decided to *yarn* another guest's truck after he left our party to go meet up w/ some other friends 2 blocks over. When he came back, we turned down all the houselights & discreetly peeked out the kitchen window to watch his response. He initially thought it was silly string...but nope! It was pink yarn, wrapped repeatedly all around his truck, over, under, around & even connected to the tree he parked next too.

Oh! It is such a funny & enjoyable memory. LOL

I'm looking fwd to enjoying 2009.
It's all about attitude....& gratitude.

I have *no* idea what's in store for 2009 & have very little personal plans.
I know a baby will be born, but that is pretty much it. lol
I have no other ideas on what to expect, honestly.

I've got a few resolutions & goals...which I'll write about later.
Basically though, I'm just winging it.
I'm looking fwd to seeing what *God* has planned for my family & I this year.

I know I'm blessed by this abnormal dose of optimism He's given me lately.
I know it must be supernaturally inspired because it's certainly *not* me.

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