Saturday, January 3, 2009

I didn't mention it...

But last year my resolution was to read through my One Year Bible in it's entirety w/o falling too far behind.

Well, I did it.

I didn't blog any resolutions so if I made more than that one, I certainly don't remember. lol
This year, I choose to just keep going & do it again. Not a resolution, just a continuation, a *lifestyle* now.

I remember when I was little & I'd hear someone say they'd read the *whole* Bible. I thought it was near impossible & what an accomplishment that that person actually did it. I was awestruck.

And here I am. I did grow more disciplined & only fell behind a few times & would just read double or triple till I caught up. But it certainly wasn't some amazing, braggable feat. iykwim.

I kept it @ the head of my bed, or under my pillow. I read it either right before I get out of bed or occasionally before I go to sleep. It's either the first thing I do or the last before retiring & it's always followed by prayer. It's worked for me this way. Eliminated many potential excuses this way.

I do feel accomplished only in the sense that I did not give up & stuck w/ it. I have been blessed.
And it's neat to be starting over, @ the beginning & it still feels *fresh*. It doesn't feel like I'm reading a book I've already read, which I hate! I know the stories, I am familiar w/ Genesis...& it's still refreshing. God is so good.


  1. That's cool, katy!!

  2. I too read the Bible for the first time last year. I have started many times and felt really accomplished after reading it in the year. I am also starting over and making it my lifestyle - hopefully each year! Good job, good and faitful servant! God is very good!


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