Saturday, January 3, 2009

*Just* pray about it!

More & more before I *talk* to my DH about something, or I realize I'm feeling neglected or whatever....I take it to the Lord FIRST! Not as a last resort, not when I feel I have no other options, but FIRST.

For example, I woke up this morning feeling a little neglected & disconnected from DH. I debated for a minute if I should tell DH or not, how I was feeling. But I took it straight to the Lord & asked Him how I should handle this & was there anything within myself that could be contributing and/or creating disconnection myself, from DH.

I decided *not* to say anything but got up instead to take a shower & pray some more.

Well, DH woke up & seemed *so nice* & attentive. Offered to put a towel in the dryer for me so when I got out it would be nice & cozy etc. (that is so cozy on chilly days!)

It dawned on me, that the more I do this (go to God *first*) the more it seems the *issues* either resolve themselves (change of heart on one or both sides) or disolve all together.

I wanted to share this to encourage all of us to take it to God *first* in *all* matters & even more so w/ issues involving our relationsihps w/ our hunnies!

I *strongly* believe that prayer affects change!

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