Saturday, January 3, 2009

No one has everything!

Ya know, it's so easy to look @ another person's life & see that *they* have something we don't. Prolly something we want. But if we *really* look closely...we all have something someone else doesn't & maybe they want.

I'm having a baby. I've never struggled w/ a fertility issue. This baby was totally UNplanned. And DH is UNemployed & we've always pretty much struggled financially.

I know other's who are well off financially but yet, can't conceive.

Or couples who appear to have the perfect marriage but are flat broke...

*Everyone* longs for something.

I can sit & wonder *why* does it seem my life is destined for financial failure while others are not. They can sit & ask *why* is their life destined for fertility failure & other's not? Why are teen aged, unwed girls who could care less about having children, getting pg when there are grown, responsible women who cannot?

I don't know.
But God does.

None of have worse or better lives than the next. But we most certainly have different lives. God has each of us in our current place in life, facing different struggles & difficulties...because He enjoys seeing us squirm & suffer? NO! I believe he grieves w/ our losses. But He also wants us to grow & wants to challenge us to draw near to Him.

No one has a *perfect* life. Not one. It's foolish to assume so.

Everyone, @ any given moment is struggling w/ something.
It's not to take pleasure in seeing another suffer.
I believe, it's to realize that God has allowed each of us to be in different circumstances & situations that are personal & personally challenging.

Everyone has thier *thing*, thier weakness, if you may. In talking w/ friends, it also sounds like many of us are coming/reaching the same conclusions in these trialsome we trust God or not?

In good times AND in bad, disappointing times? When our lives aren't turning out as we imagined? Do we trust His will over & above our own? Beyond our own hopes, dreams & desires?

Are we willing to submit & turn over *all* of our hopes, dreams & desires? No matter what the cost? Even if we *never* get what we *want*? Even if we *never* get our hearts desire?

We can not focus on what we don't have or what we believe everyone else *does* have. We need only focus on the Christ & our relationship w/ HIM!

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