Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolutions & Goals!!!


1) start a *Year* of giving thanks blog. I want to write @ least one thing every day of the year I am thankful for.
2) do 31 days of prayer for DH, but for the whole year.
3) have 1 lesson & practice my guitar @ least 1 day (each) per week = 1 hour minimum per session.
4) update/finish my Ethiopian Mission blog (left off @ day 3 Duh )


1)Run Disney Half Marathon in Sept 09
2)Be able to play Christmas carols on guitar by Dec. 09


I really don't want to make much more plans than that w/ new baby coming...not sure *what* that will look like. lol

& I have some ideas for what God is going to do in 2009, just not sure I am excited to see what will transpire.

& eat healthier/more natural & less eating out/fast food, but that is more of a lifestyle goal not just a one year resolution.

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