Sunday, February 22, 2009

taking it's toll.

I don't normally ever get to the point of *wanting* it to all be over. Not even @ the end. I know it's best for baby to stay put as long as possible & I know how different things will be once baby is I never get that impatient feeling or want to rush the pregnancy.

But this week...I feel different.

I think it started when I made a mistake & thought I was a week farther than I really was. I had a momentary shock of panic to think I only had 6 weeks left, but really I have 7. I was feeling a bit down over some other unrelated matters & began thinking what I nice & lovely distraction it would be to have baby now. kwim?

Maybe I will feel different tomorrow. I usually feel different *tomorrow*. kwim?

Or I mean maybe *registering* will cheer me up. It's like shopping except you don't spend any $$$$. lol

I'd like to *make* baby something too, a nice crochet blanket or something but for whatever reason, I'm just *not* motivated for that either.

I'm disappointed in myself for being so INactive this pg. I wanted this to be everything I wanted it to be. kwim? It's prolly the last, no specific reason why, just how I feel. SO I wanted it to be the best pg ever. But I allowed it to get away from me.

I just feel like a giant bump on a log. It's not just being's being INactive. I'm certain this is the *biggest* I've ever been...I can *see* it, I can *feel* it & it's just blah!

This might be the pg I *don't* lose any weight afterwards......kwim?

Then again, like I said, I might feel better tomorrow.

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