Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's ON!

We started a 21 day Fast @ church. (we did one this time last year too) I think fasting is supposed to be secret? Oh well.

So I'm obviously NOT fasting *food* exactly, except for sugar. I did that last year too. It's harder this year & it really puts a crimp in my Valentines style. iykwim. Baking is my thing & now I can't! hmph! I initially committed to sugar & internet. Not a full internet fast---get real. But severely limited. Then I realized that was just UNrealistic. SO much communication happens via email. SO I had to revamp it.

But the past few days have been crazy, mad, hectic. I was very distracted from what my focus was supposed to be. Here is just a snippet of the chaotic that has been the past few days:

*Berty randomly awoke Monday morning vomiting.
*Rabbit kept getting out all day yesterday, followed by numerous knocks on our door from well meaning neighbors to let us know.
*Our male dog finally *got* our female dog & has been going crazy to get to her ever since.
*Found out health insurance situation is still NOT settled. Have not had a prenatal appointment since Dec. 1.
*Dh had a heck of a time activating a prepaid cell he needs for communicating w/ his new agent.
*Washer pipes are not draining, except up & out onto my laundry room floor.
*Washer is not spinning well & dryer is not drying well.

& that's pretty much just for starters.
Then I remembered that this time last year, on day one of the Fast, Dh had lost his job. I realized all of this was to be expected. Of course. So I purposed to pray even harder for protection & peace over all of us that are participating.

I expect great things afterwards. Like last year, it made such a huge difference in my life. I can't explain it but it was good. I think a lot of things become *released* after a time of spiritual focus. The theme this year is Christ's Awakening.

Bring it on!

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