Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day...

Well, if you don't know by's my MOST favorite day of the year....I have *really* been looking forward to it since New Years, ya know?

Last night I was caught unexpectedly, in the middle of the night, w/ severe stomach pains. When Berty was sick Monday, she complained of stomach pains right before she threw up each time. So I figured I must've got her flu, a few days late.

Except...I never threw up or anything! I spent the night on the bathroom floor HOPING I'd vomit just so I could feel better. No luck. :-(

I was wiped out this morning, debated whether I should still show up for our A Gazillion Valentine's Outreach. I finally decided to go. It was really great, actually. People seemed genuinely blessed to receive free Valentine's & chocolates. But I was not on top of *my* game, disappointingly

Our youth group went back to the park to hand out Valentine's & care packages. Oldest went w/ them of course. My not-so-littles did really well approaching people & passing out the cards & saying Happy Valentine's Day!

Then DH took me to the movies. Slumdog Millionnaire!! It's already been nominated for 10 Oscars, including Best Picture. I did not know that before seeing it, but I can certainly see why!!! It is an excellent movie!

Oldest is spending the evening volunteering some more @ church. The Youth are fundraising for their Philippines Mission by doing childcare for the Valentine's movie/event tonight.

I won't be going out to eat though, even though DH had planned on it. I think I do best when I'm NOT eating today. bummer. So we're just chillaxin. I am disappointed to not have the energy or motivation to make my kiddos a few Valentine's goodies I had planned. but we did bring them a Balloon Bouquet yesterday. Kids love balloons. :-)

Yesterday was all raining....but today was bright & cheery w/ a touch of chilly.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

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  1. You were a trooper today.
    I had a great time. I liked the smaller group. Let's do it again next year...or on every major holiday!


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