Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So *that's* over.

Not last night but the night before (24 robbers came knocking @ my door! remember that? lol) I was awakened to the sound of my Birdygirl choking, gagging & then vomiting, all over her bed! Nice.

It was merely 4:30 AM. Dh tagged teamed. He held her hair while she huddled over the toilet & I stripped the bed. Then she crawled into bed w/ us & I didn't sleep a wink for the next few hours. It was the worst night of non-sleep I've had in awhile!

She awoke around 7 or 8 & promptly vomited again. sigh.

She spent the rest of the day watching cartoons, sleeping, getting stomach pains then vomiting, again. She even spiked a fever eventually.

I tried to keep her hydrated w/ sips of water through out the day....& laying hands on her & praying over her as well.

Today...she woke up bright eyed & bushy-tailed & it wasn't long before she was flitting, fluttering, singing & dancing around the house....so obviously, she's BACK to her self. :-)

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