Thursday, March 5, 2009


Ok, ds *finally* got to go to the doctor today.

The case worker *never* called me back. She said she didn't have my number...I explained that I had called HER but the person who had answered the phone did not want to take a message...but I had left my message anyway...who knows what they actually did w/ it though.

So it's all still very strange. Oldest is now IN the *system*, showing coverage & eligibility since Mar. 1st. But 2 youngers & DH are covered by medi-cal but will NOT be in the health ins system for about another month & a half...however long it takes.

Why? Who knows. None of it makes sense & there is no explanation.

So ok, fine. Try to make ds an appointment, he's not showing up in the system but after some time on hold, they call *someone* & realize he IS in there...but there are no available appointments for today w/ his ped. Urgent care? No appointments available yet, instructed to call back alter &t hat i t may take a few hours for him to show up on the computers but not to worry about it.

I call again, still no appointment schedules published yet by the docs. I have DH make the 3rd call---again, they mention ds is not in the system, we let them know he IS, we've already spoken to *eligibility* & he is covered since 3/1. They *still* feel the need to speak to someone else & verify. Fine.

Ok, but all appointments have been filled we can do a *walk-in* in Urgent Care between 5p & 8pm. Ok. DH takes him in, 2 hours later @ that time. Fine...after much waiting, they confirm he has Scarlet Fever. (yay MOM! lol) He is given a prescription for antibiotics.

Down @ the pharmacy, he is NOT shown to be in the system. They insist DH must pay for the RX. DH refuses. duh. HOW would he have even been SEEN by a doc if he was NOT in the system? kwim? Someone else come over & actually tries to help them. They compromise by giving ds just enough RX until tomorrow. Then we must make *another* phone call, straighten it out & Then go back into the pharmacy to get the rest of the RX.


I feel SO bad for ds. The rash is now covering his entire body, face to ankle. His face has the rash & it's starting to *clear*...which means it's starting to dry & peel, starting w/ his face. It's tight as if his face is *chapped* & very uncomfortable for him. Poor guy. And being a *boy* he does not want to apply vaseline or anything to his lips to moisturize them. kwim?

And due to the idea of being *contagious* we're all starting to feel like *outcasts*. It's simply just as contagious as basic strep throat would be. The *rash* is not the contagious part, it's not from touching or anything. It would be if he coughed all over you, which he does not have a cough. kwim?

He has an extracurricular academic event/tournament on Saturday & he's has to miss his final meetings all this week. We kinda feel like they don't want him to attend because of the idea of contagiousness. It's not like chicken pox or anything & I completely's just a bummer *feeling*. kwim?

It's frustrating because that is why we/I was working so hard to get this ins. madness all cleared up so that he could start the AB right here we are. I guess the doc said as long as he started them...he should be ok by Saturday. I know he is disappointed though w/ missing the final preparations after working so hard all these months. Plus he likes his friends & getting together w/ them each week.


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  1. put on the Vaseline while he sleeps. Make him!!!! My bro is the same age and rarely puts on lip balm unless I catch him at a good time.

    I'll wear a "SARS" mask and come over so you guys don't feel isolated. *hug!!! Or Lisa and I can do a prayer walk around your house. Yeah ppl might think we are trying to cast out demons but, who the heck cares. You're fam is under attack! I promise I won't start picketing.

    Looks like my ins is giving me the boot in 2½ months...Happy Birthday to me...yeah right. I'll have to start paying into it or pray that I don't get sick or need dental work...but, the hard thing is that I have asthma and need daily meds. Hmpf!


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