Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Freak out Over.

Ok, finally got a call back from a *nice* case-worker.

She admitted she had NO idea WHY the rest of the family kept getting *kicked out* of the system. She could see it all on her screen, the entire *trail* of applications, coverage & then getting kicked out each month.

She said she would follow it through today & to please be patient & she expected the coverage to be official tomorrow/within 24 hours. She said she would call me by the end of today or tomorrow morning to confirm.

She said she had been out *training* for the past 3 weeks & she could see that people were *not* doing their jobs. Yah, ya think? @ least she admitted it! kwim?

I also got clarification on what to do NOW if necessary, as far as medical issues are concerned.

I am *sure* this was a spiritually motivated issue, on all accounts. There is NO logical explanation as to why the rest of the family is NOT in the system. As well as, it looking like it's getting resolved. I know the prayers have helped break through the obstacle.

Oldest seems *better*. Still is bright red w/ the rash, still swollen sore throat but the energy level picked up a bit, fever has lessened. Not fully %100 but definitive, short term improvement for now.

My not-so-littles seem fine...although their throats are still very swollen, they've been outside all day insisting they are fine. Of course they are *motivated* to be well since I forced them to drink some garlic-steeped-water! Yes--GAG! Plus a tea made from a lemon w/ magnesium. *Concentrated* vitamin C!!!

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