Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It doesn't end.

My chillers are sick. Strep-throat I believe & oldest has developed a rash over his entire body that indicates Scarlet Fever. Yes, it still exists.

Want to take him to the doctor after google research indicates w/ antibiotics there is no more risk of contagion after 24 hours. W/o antibiotics, contagion lasts longer.

Well, turns out the ktbunch has absolutely NO medical coverage what so ever because they have been terminated from the *system*. No one really knows why although they *try* to tell me various *reasons*. aka total BS! Each person in the chain of command I speak to, refers me to someone else.

Kaiser member services says to call the Department of Public Health & that it's SO SIMPLE to get the situation fixed. Department of Public Health says I need to call my case worker & that it only requires a simple call from *her* to fix this.

SO I call the case worker supervisor because last time I spoke to them I was told that the case worker I had was ONLY for my food stamps, not the medi-cal portion. *That* case worker simply referred me to a supervisor. Of course calling a supervisor gets you no where.

The phone clerk simply wants to take a message & have the supervisor call me back...within 24 hours. I reiterate that the supervisor herself instructed me to call her back, last month when I was trying to straighten out my own coverage---having NO idea my children's coverage was in jeopardy or questionable.

I am put on hold after being quite assertive & refusing to hang up to wait for a return call within 24 hours! The supervisor finally gets on the phone & insists she NEVER spoke to me personally. @ the same time she is telling me that she *told* me blah blah blah, last month????

So the *story* is that the food stamp & medi-cal case was separated---yes I already know that. & that she *told* me they would only be covered for ONE month. BS! They have NOT been covered YET! SO I have NO idea what she is talking about & let her know that.

I let her know that member services told me all she has to do is CALL them & let them know they ARE covered. I let her know my son is very sick. He needs to go to the doctor NOW. She is telling me i need to speak w/ my case-worker--who of course is VERY busy! & that it's NOT that simple.

And WHY would they only have coverage for 1 month? She says cause I was on/in the CalWorks program. I correct her that I have NEVER been in/on the CalWorks program. She says yes but you applied for it & were denied???? WTheck? That was in DECEMBER & they tell you that INSTANTLY! DUH! & they told me I HAD to apply for it, automatically!!!!

I have NO idea what that has to do w/ anything. Seriously. My dh is UNempolyed, medical coverage for children is AUTOMATIC! I KNOW we qualify based on income alone so I really don't see what the issue, paperwork or otherwise, is! kwim?

She asks if I have turned in my proof of pregnancy. AGAIN, this has NOTHING to do w/ the current situation. I assure her I have turned in EVERY stitch of paperwork & proof I have EVER been asked for!!!! But I avoid asking stupid questions & getting off track about how ridiculous this all is because I simply want to take my chillers to the doctor!!!! kwim?

FINALLY, she says I need to speak to my case worker (I still have NO idea WHO that is!) & that my case worker will call me in a few minutes. I say: ARE YOU SURE? She responds yes & if not I can call her back! yah right! {eye roll}

I wait about 10 minutes or so & call the case worker myself...only to be told that she is extremely busy & will call me in 2 hours...why? Because it is *phone hours* right now & she is speaking to other people who are calling. Aren't *I* calling? So why can't *I* speak to her RIGHT NOW? Because she is very busy w/ other people.

Yah we'll see.

I couldn't help but cry....& pray some more.
It *really* sucks being POOR.
The truth is NO ONE cares about you or your children or your situation.
No one *wants* to help you.
It's ALL BS.
It's ALL paperwork & excuses.

And people have to LIVE like this.
In America!

While *other people* gripe & complain how they are getting *robbed* by the gov't. by being forced to pay taxes to support a bunch of mooches on welfare! Yah. Because the taxes YOU (AND I) pay are *really* supporting your neighbor's next door extravagant lifestyle of welfare! {EYE ROLL}

I simply want to be able to take my kids to the doctor when I feel it's necessary & not be freaked out & not know where to go. I don't want to be forced to go to an ER & be billed hundreds of dollars that I can't pay, *because* I have no choice but to go the ER because my family is lost in the system due to *some one's* error & I can't go to a regular doctor appointment. kwim?

Trust me I am NOT living extravagantly....unless you count the fact that I live in a home w/ *cheap* rent that I can *barely* afford to pay @ the moment w/ the unemployment my DH is receiving. (Thank God for that) While the rest of my bills go UNpaid! Yes, bills *I* created & take full responsibility for. Bills, @ the time that I used to be able to afford. NO excuse. I have no credit to my name. My phone rings OFF the hook w/ collectors.

NO, a job @ JackNtheBox is not gonna cut it. Think what you want.

Being pg does NOT help, now does it? Just what every woman on welfare wants to look like....
I am beyond frustrated.
I am beyond tired.
I am beyond overwhelmed.
I have a swollen throat myself.
Each of my children throats are so swollen they can barely breathe @ night while they sleep...you can hear it in all of our voices it's so bad.

Yes, I believe in supernatural healing AND natural/homeopathic/herbal remedies as well.
I'd prefer to have a *choice* in the matter & be free from worry & my children having to suffer unnecessarily. kwim?

I'd *prefer* to be able to be treated like a HUMAN BEING!

I take comfort in the FACT that this is *temporary*. How long this will all last I have NO idea...but it can only BE *temporary* right?

May I NEVER look down upon or judge another human being for the life I assume they may be living, especially if it is related to financial status!!!!

By the grace of God go I.....


  1. oh KT, this breaks my heart. It's the thing that is so wrong in our system. I'm praying for all of you.



  2. Hi KT, I'm a new Follower (since yesterday)...I have a horror story for you I'm sad to say. (I'm reading your old posts)

    My husband is stage 4 kidney cancer patient. We have been on medicaid the entire time, since we were diagnosed June '07.

    We went to the office to report that our 18 year old daughter was graduated from HS was now living in NY with her Dad (my ex). We went there to REPORT the change because the number in our family went from 3, to just the two of us.

    We were shocked with the State of Illinois STOPPED HIS MEDICAID because we "didn't have a minor living with us". I mean, we knew we could not make more than enough money, but they said that because he hadn't been declaired "disabled" by the state yet even though he was termially ill with cancer, has chemo 3 days a week, every week (yes, there is no stopping- he used to have oral chemo that was EVERY DAY, for over 3 years!)and doesn't work- that we had until the end of the month to figure something "else" out.

    We were FREAKING BIG TIME. Image telling a cancer patient that he can't have chemo or even pain meds!!!!!!

    We talked to our local hospital and they agreed to carry us financially for oncologist, and chemo, and pain meds until we could expedite his SSDI claim (which we had recently filed, and again, went to the office for welfare just so they knew DD didn't live here, and we were being honest to adjust for $ we could have and still be under medicaid for husband's cancer care).

    Luckily a well worded letter for the oncology dept at the hospital got all the info for SSDI approved in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! (We were told it usually took 3-6 months to be approved).

    My husband is still with us, and doing good. Without health care, he wouldn't be.

    God Bless you, Sista, you ain't alone in this BROKEN health care(less) system.

    ~Suzanne in NW IL


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