Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm still here....

DH is off @ *another* audition from his agent. PLUS he got a call back for tomorrow, also from his agent. I just *knew* he was going to get that call back! Keep praying!!!

My mil threw me a baby shower last Saturday. It turned out very nice. Baby has tons of clothes & they are NOT all blue! lol Which is very nice, of course. :-)

Did I mention Birdy had her first violin lesson last week? She is just SO adorable & I can't believe how much more I fall in love w/ her each day. Seriously. She was SO excited to tell me all about it. I had a prenatal appointment @ the same time so DH took her. I was reminding her to practice since last week but we are SO busy. YEsterday I heard her practicing & no one even had to tell her. She took it out herself. Her shoulder was getting abit tight though...not sure what to do about that, maybe this sponge thingy I'm supposed to have for her under her violin will help? IDK.

Oldest is still so busy w/ his team to get ready for the state finals. whew! I am *really* looking fwd to baby's birth simply so I can SIT. Be *forced* to SIT & NOT feel guilty! kwim?

Yesterday DH was *so* sweet. He had his regular rehearsal, as always on Monday night but *I* was going to a special meeting w/ our other church and it was a potluck. I was craving this sweet potato hash he had made before & planned on making that but @ the same time I had meeting w/ a friend about the upcoming Women's Retreat.

W/o me even asking him, before he left, HE made the sweet potato hash FOR ME to take w/ me...what a great guy hanh? There was tons of food there so I was glad no one really ate any, even though it was SO good, that way I could bring it home & enjoy the left overs tonight.

We were @ the grocery store a few weeks ago & this lady was giving out samples. It was some sort of state sponsored nutirional outreach program. She was making this sweet potato hash & she gave us a bag w/ these informational cards on nutrition AND a cook book. The samples weren't ready yet & when DH went back to get me some, she gave him another different cook book that contained the recipe. Pretty cool. Yay CA! lol

I also have this Amish friendship bread dough...but I think I messed it up & it required way more commitment then I guess I could handle. lol I haven't baked it yet, but I divided it as I was supposed too....maybe I will make it tonight? It IS delish though. Ladies @ church had been passing it out/sharing it & also bringing it for the hospitality table & it was scrumptious!

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  1. Praying for the audition. I love your new look, by the way. And I hope you get some REST before the baby comes.

    :-) Susan


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