Saturday, August 22, 2009

same place, different floor

My Father-in-Law is in the local hospital. The same hospital that i have given birth to 3 of my 4 children.

The place where life begins for many, is the same place life may end for many, as well.

Hospitals are tricky places. The majority of people there are there because they are trying to *get well*. They are sick and want to be healed. Only child birth isn't a sickness or disease to be cured of. Interesting.

This particular hospital will be closed down in less than a month. A new one, in the same health plan, has been built down the street. It opens Sept 15, 2009. I wonder what happens to all the patients in the old hospital that day. Do they transfer each and every one of them by ambulance to the new hospital? What an undertaking that must be.

And all those paper files and records huh? Is there a transition period? Or is it simply that quick and easy that it can all happen in just one day.

Father in law is in the ICU. They have a 2 visitors at a time policy. I think that is pretty weird if the person is not expected to live very long. And why haven't we heard from hospice yet? I don't understand. Is that only for people willing to home? Is it because father in law has chosen to receive all life saving procedures necessary? And why didn't we hear from or see any doctor all day? Why haven't they informed us of how far along he is or isn't?

I think it's very strange. But I am the 'in law' so it's different. I can't really ask the questions or approach the doctor. Bad enough I was the one bringing up the funeral arrangements.

But I am practical...I know it would be horrendous to have to try & think through that when the need actually *arises*, in that moment. So I do the ugly thing & bring it up now. But I also know it's the right & helpful thing to do.

I started the research for my husband since he asked me to. *MORE* mortuaries and funeral homes should really invest in web sites. Get with the 21st century people!!!

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