Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy Baby

Rolling over at lightening speed, another tooth before I even know you're teething, your first Halloween, a few days shy of 7 mos.

I want to cry. Why? Because I know the time is flying by faster than I can keep the memories in my head. Even though I long for a full night of sleep, I know I will miss the day you are no longer in my bed. In the middle of a hectic day (which is very often lately) I look at your sweet face, those cheeks that are beginning to fill out and I can't help but swell up inside, to over flowing, with love.

Love beyond description.

You help me stop.

Stop feeling overwhelmed. Stop worrying. Stop rushing. Stop and give you kisses. Stop and tell you what a joy you are to my life. What a blessing you are. I stop and smile at you and you smile back with that beautiful toothy grin with drool dripping down your chin. I repeat what a joy you are to my life. What a joy your sister is and your two brothers.

I know that tomorrow will come quickly. Today is a mere blink. So I stop, I open my eyes and I *love* you. I take a deep breathe. I enjoy you.

There is no rush. You will grow up, for sure. You will sleep through the night. You will have your own bed. Your own room.

And you will no longer cry for me...

Thank you my love.
Thank you for reminding me...of every moment.

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