Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bad Mommy Moment #542 & 543

I was @ the library the other day, feeling very good mommyish. I had to change baby while there and when I put him back in his stroller, although my lovely Birdy reminded me, I did not buckle him into his seat, like I normally do. I figured I was going to take him right back out when I returned to our table.  As I reentered the library, I was craftily distracted by the Friends of the Library, books for sale. They had a rolling cart filled with irresistable Christmas craft books.  I perused the cheaply priced books to see if there was one I just *had* to have that would warrant spending the $1 I had found on our walk there.

Suddenly Birdy says MOM! and I had to gasp as I look down and see my sweet baby entangled in the straps of his stroller. He had flipped himself completely over (from a sitting position) onto his stomach, his feet hanging out the front of the stroller! Of course I quickly glanced around to see if anyone had taken note of my 'bad mommy moment'. Whew!

Then I had placed him on my bed to change his clothes. His head was toward the middle of the bed, with his feet facing the edge.  My room is very small so I literally only needed to turn slightly to grab a pair of pants for him. Faster than I can type this, I turned back around & his head was at the end of the bed along with his whole body, ready to take a nose dive any second!! Baby K!!!! What was he thinking? Goodness. I hadn't even stepped away from the bed. That little baby is quick, I tell ya.

I have a feeling K might keep his angels (and this momma) on their toes...

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