Friday, November 6, 2009

Who knew football could be *Cute*?

Tonight we went to a football game.  A highschool football game. My Dh highschool football game.  It was their 20 year championship football team reunion. Not a highschool reunion, but a reunion for the football team that won back to back CIF championships.  It was so CUTE!

They met pre-game in the teacher's lounge.  The old coaches were there.  They had food and snacks, football balloons and old friends. They gave each player a goody bag w/ a complimentary program of the evening, a tshirt w/ the original championship design and a dvd copy of the winning game from 20 years ago.  During the game they were able to be out on the field and were escorted and introduced during half time.

Afterward, we met up @ a resaurant.  DH wore his highschool letterman jacket. It still fit. A bit tighter than 20 years ago but he could snap it up. It was cute to see him so excited.  It was fun to watch the game...even if the team is NOT so good this year.

We saw some people from church supporting their student. I LOVE how I can be out & about & run into people from church. *That* is 'community'.

It's also interesting to note that normally, in our 'circle' we have the oldest child. Around all these football players, our oldest was one of the youngers....many players had 18-19 year old kids. Public school results? We'll never know...

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  1. What a great time to relive some memories. :-)


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