Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Oldest DS has been experiencing pain in various muscles and especially one of his shoulders. That shoulder is *very* visibly lower than the other.(by @ least an inch or more) A few nights ago, we decided to lay hands on him & pray. It was Birdy and myself. We prayed for healing, no more pain etc. After the first prayer, he said the pain was noticeably less. We prayed again & again he said he was feeling better & he asked for us to pray specifically for his elbows and joints. We prayed again. Also after each prayer we kept checking the balance of his shoulders. We noticed his chest muscles were also obviously different sizes. We layed hands on his chest & continued praying for healing, no pain, straight spine, symmetry, strong muscles etc etc etc.

Afterward, his shoulders were VERY visibly equal, if anything only a centimeter difference. To make sure we weren't imagining it, he even went in the bathroom to look in the mirror to confirm for himself. He came back & agreed. (& we checked again to make triple sure) He said when we prayed the last time that he felt his arm/shoulder physically move up. We did not have our hands on his shoulder or arm @ all either!!!

I don't know why I doubt but I kept asking him how it felt for the next few days afterward. I think God allowed the healing to NOT happen instantaneously after the first prayer, in oder to allow our faith to grow and as it did, more healing took place. Either way, pretty cool if you ask me!!!

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  1. Praising God with you for healing.


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