Saturday, December 26, 2009

O Baby!

You climb, you crawl, you don't sit still!!!!  Seriously.

If I put you down on the floor---you will flip over & crawl away, anywhere.
We just celebrated your first Christmas. I can't imagine it with out you.  You are such a joy, a busy joy but a joy still.  You didn't bother the tree or the ornaments.  You did rip my curtains to shreds--biting them & pulling.  A favorite past time of yours. heehee.

You got a lot of clothes (size 12 mos & up) for Christmas and some toys.  I wanted you to have all natural which one is your favorite? This hard plastic electronic gizmo! {eyeroll} lol

Next year you will be so excited for Christmas. (not that I'm in a rush)  This year was no big deal to you, really.  I took you with me today for some after Christmas shopping.  Just a few things like some yummy yarn and your first Christmas ornament. It's adorable, I must say.

Why has my blog suddenly switched like I'm writing a letter directly to *you*? I have no idea. haha.

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