Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How he's grown!

K had a check up today. He's almost 10 mos old.

He weighed in @ 18 lbs 14 oz. 29.25 inches long.

Our pediatrician is wonderful. He did most of K's exam with K sitting on daddy's lap. He's so gentle. K wasn't scared or anything. Hesitant, sure but not scared. It probably helped that he was able to stay in the security of daddy's lap for most of the visit.

K only needed to receive 3 shots. I am purposely having him receive them later than recommended. This has eliminated @ least 2 shots so far because he's been too old for them.

He's finally figured out how to get down from a standing position while holding on to furniture. He's also started to cruise, just a wee bit, along the couch. Sleep is still elusive, sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. It looks like his daytime naps are becoming less and less but for longer time periods. He can wave byebye a little bit and says momma much more clearly now. It's adorable.

I don't mind the loss of slumber too much....it's hard but I continue to remind myself what a short season this will be. I know I will long for these short cuddly days. ;-)

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