Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can hardly believe it myself!

It's quite a production to get this family out of the house most mornings.  I feel like most of the 'getting going' falls on my shoulders.  I was discussing this w/ my friend and through our discussion I realized that one small part of the stress is my dd hair.  It's very long and very pretty.  She can't manage it all on her own though.  It gets tangled easy and braiding is a solution except she doesn't know how to braid it yet.  If it doesn't get braided--rat's nest!!

She's also quite the slow poke so even though she can brush it takes much longer than doing it myself. I realized there could be quite an easy solution to this situation and eliminate @ least one source of contention.  I broke down and asked her if she wanted it cut--*really* cut, not just a trim.  She practically *jumped* at the chance.  I was a little sad over the thought.  I've always felt that the day she got her hair cut, would be the day she wasn't my little girl anymore. There's no denying though--she looks fabulously adorable!

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