Saturday, November 3, 2007

How do I feel?

My body wracks & heaves

Is it possible to vomit up a lung

My chest aches

I imagine any minute now my heart will burst out of my chest

I am doubled over in unimaginable pain

Pain I can't really feel but it is there

Tears flow freely as the screams & cries of sorrow are silent

Does God hear me?

Does He know how I feel?

Does He know how much my SOUL aches

I think I am going to die from sorrow.

How much can a human soul really take

I pray & scream & cry out

I am begging

I can't get any lower

please make it stop


I imagine He must know

but why then does He allow this to continue

For what purpose

I imagine He feels what I feel

How can He take it

How can anyone ever go through this

How did they survive

Am I the only weak one

Will this kill me

what can I do

Is there a way to stop it

I think not

Can I disappear

Depths of pain and sorrow

run deep

deeper than I've ever known

Release me

another night I cry myself to sleep

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