Monday, May 10, 2010


K had a check up today.  He weighed 20lb 14 oz actually but they kept his diaper on this time, so I say 20lbs. lol  It took forever for some reason.  We waited a very long time, which is unusual.  And then we had to go to the lab to take a mandatory blood test to check for lead.

He only received 3 shots. Yes, I know about vaccinations and the risks.  I did discuss it w/ his pediatrician--whom I really adore.  He was understanding.  I do get my chillers vaccinated but later than recommended and I am comfortable with that.  He was 'behind'---as planned & would have received 8 vaccinations today.  I asked the doc if we could cut that & he immediately agreed.  He recommended he only get the 'new' shots he hadn't received yet & wait on the 'boosters'.  That would bring today's total to only 3 shots.  I was comfortable with that.

I was uncomfortable having him get the chicken pox vaccine....& discussed it w/ him but he made me feel more comfortable about it so I agreed.  Perhaps I should have been stronger about declining....{sigh}  It's hard making these decisions, as a parent.

Poor little guy---it's sad when they get shots & they are crying so hard.  I wish they would just let you hold the babies and nurse them while they get the shots...or at least home them in your lap so they can easily nurse right after.  Later, after waiting forever in the lab....they needed to draw blood and I think he was actually *scared*.  When the tech put that rubber strip on his arm he immediately started crying so hard and he was all red and *shaking*.  I felt so bad because that made me think he was scared.  He calmed down during the process--she needed 2 vials but when she replaced the 2nd vial he began crying again.  It probably didn't help that she stuck the needle in and nothing came out & she had to keep moving it around--I can only imagine how that must've felt. arg.

He doesn't appear to be permanently scarred or anything now though. ;-)

He got his first flu bug last week. He was asleep then suddenly began vomiting in his bed.  I think he would have went right back to sleep, had i not got him up.  We showered him off and then put him in my bed to nurse...after rolling back and forth a few times (like always) he vomited again.  Then he went right back to sleep.  He was fine the next day as if nothing ever happen.  It went through everyone else in the family but he seemed the least affected.

Thank goodness for strong baby immunities. ;-)

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