Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dance Concert Review

Ok, I was a bit perturbed over the fact that I had to PAY for my kids to be IN it PLUS I had to pay $25 per person per ticket just to SEE them be in it.

They were only in 1 dance. That was ok. But I must admit the entire show was fabulous. Watching all the student dancers, they were incredible. I was even highly turned off by the half-nekkedness of their costumes--but even that--once they started dancing--I hardly noticed I was so focused on their strength, ability & talent that it really didn't matter! I wondered to myself WHY it had mattered @ first? Under the show lights--it wasn't any big deal as when they were just walking around in these crazy clothes & the garish make up. (think: toddlers N tiaras!) It was all so beautiful & amazing & pretty & amazing & touching.

Of course when MY kiddos came on it was SO exciting. Birdy somewhat created her own *solo* because they were in a V formation, kind of except she was way too far over to the left so it was like she was by herself! Whistle She was SUPER energized after the performance--so *something* agreed w/ her. I think *maybe* SHE is an extrovert? Because she was almost hyper after the show. And the show was over 2 hours long so they were backstage w/ 'friends'--the rest of the dancers for ALL that time. Sam was still feeling/looking pretty run down but he would not let me keep him from he layed low (literally) back stage. He said he pushed a bunch of chairs together to make a *couch* to lie down while he was waiting.

And I have to say, on a more personal level---it was very comforting to me to see the way Birdy just LIT UP & *wanted* to make friends & these girls all already know each other & they are from outside schools-so there IS a difference. Honestly. BUT Birdy was SO self confident & friendly. When I was that age--I always wanted so desperately to make friends but I was SO shy i would literally sit somewhere ALL ALONE & NOT talk to anyone---even though I wanted to. I could never think of anything to say even. Plus I would always think there must be something wrong w/ ME, people didn't like me, I wasn't attractive enough or *whatever*....but Birdy--if anyone was sick or tired of her--she was/is oblivious!!! lol I write that in a positive way. Meaning she is NOT inferring any self-directed negativity. kwim?

I'll try to post a video when I can, although it's kinda from far. IDK how to upload from this camera we have.

Oh & Birdy--let's just say she is an obvious NEW dancer & it makes her all the more fabulous. I really think, in her mind, she IS FABULOUS!!!!!!! Very Happy She can dance cute enough on her own but trying to follow prechoreographed steps--that's a bit different. They went right....she stepped left. And I LOVE her all the more for it. She was SO excited about this whole thing & afterward....they got a show Tshirt & she doesn't want to take it off. She wore it TO the show, under her costume shirt, then slept in it & then wore it to church this morning. haha.

I know Sam enjoyed it but not as much as he could have since he didn't feel good.

I am SO comforted that they don't have (@ least) ONE of *my* hang-ups!!!! They are more FREE to be themselves.
Although I'm NOT looking fwd to MY time commitment...I AM looking fwd to them taking MORE classes next year & so are they. Wink

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