Friday, June 11, 2010

Sammy passed out today. scary!

By about mid-day he began to complain of a headache. Said his head felt heavy & he was tired?
later he & Bird had their tech rehearsal for their dance concert tomorrow. He began to complain that his stomach was hurting too but he didn't feel sick or anything...oddness.

They got a break & we went to eat...he did not eat & was getting teary because he was not feeling good---I think because he was afraid of missing the dance concert or letting people down. We told him it was ok & not to worry. He finally thought he might vomit so DH took him to the restroom.

On the way out he completley passed out. All color drained from his face--I hate to say this but he looked like he was dead--I mean the skin on his face reminded me of my mom when she died. ANd he had beads of sweat all over his face--before he felt like he had a fever. Dh kind of caught him but drew a blank. I did not want him lying down in the Wendy's restroom hall way so I had him bring him back to the table to kind of lie on my lap while Dh held his legs up...wierd I know. I felt kind of shaken up, about to cry--I'm normally good in crisis & emergencies. His eyes appeared to be rolling back & he was in & out a bit.....

Finally I had dh carry him to the car & had him put his head between his legs....but he was obviously weak & extremely tired suddenly. We were no where near we determined he was ok & not in need of an ER visit. We let the dance teacher know what happened (cause they were due back) & went straight home. Oh we did get him some water...but he barely sipped any & is just lying down now where we can keep an eye on him.

But can you say YIKES!!!!

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