Sunday, June 20, 2010

How was your Father's Day?

Ours didn't look anything as planned.  That virus that caused Sammy to pass out last week, caught up w/ the ktbunch.  Lil E woke up this morning reporting that he could hardly sleep at all last night & that he thinks he needed to go to the doctor because he could feel his asthma acting up--which he hasn't had a problem with for years.

We went to church and he did receive prayer which really helped a lot.  It was evident though that he also needed medical intervention.  We spent about 2.5 hours between urgent care, radiology for an x-ray and the pharmacy.  Since he'd had the cough for a few days already and given his history of asthma, the doc wanted to do a chest xray to rule out pneumonia or something like that.  It was all clear. Praise God! He came in with a fever of 102. She put him back on his asthma meds prescribing the 'emergency' inhaler with a double dose for the next 48 ours.

If your teen tells you they need to see a doctor--you know it's serious. We were all pretty worn out.  it is also my husband & his family's first Father's Day w/o my father-in-law. :(

By evening, even Birdy & Baby K were beginning to show signs of compromised immunity; fatigue, fever and croup sounding cough. ugh. Baby K slept all through church and took about 3-4 naps the whole day!!!

We were all exhausted by the end of the night.

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