Monday, June 7, 2010

I got hit by a car this morning


It was TOTALLY MY fault & I'm totally FINE---THANK HOLY GOD!!!

I had a misjudgment & thought the cross walk was *flashing* the red hand---so I figured on my BIKE, I could make it across in time....except it was NOT flashing & the traffic light, for the left hand turn lane was all ready GREEN!!!

SO as I'm riding across the intersection, the car in the left hand turn lane---which is on my LEFT side--(so I'm going north & they are on my west side, heading east--if that matters to anyone) starts rolling out & I'm thinking they are going to see me & STOP because I CAN'T stop--it's all happening in milliseconds--right!?!?!?

And I think I forgot how to stop in that moment I can't stop & she rightfully does NOT see me, of course--why would she be looking? SO I suddenly try to turn *right* thinking I can go around her because she is GOING TO SEE ME--but she still does not--so she hits me & I'm wondering if I'm going to fly over the car, fall on the ground &she will run me over or WHAT?

But she barely hits me--I think--& I just kinda tilt over just enough that I *think* I have to put my right foot down but was FINE! My pedal on the left is broken but I just made it past her, hollered that I was OK & SO SORRY! & then rode away. See looked totally STUNNED!!! I'm sure she was scared.

I was SO EMBARRASSED--there were SO MANY cars!!!

I felt SO DUMB!!!!

I've been hit the same way in college--except I was on a sidewalk & the car came out of a driveway--so it wasn't lack of judgment that time--but same side & direction--so I know how dangerous it really are HEAVY & will crush human bodies!!! (I had very minor injuries that time too)

I could feel myself clench up & screamed a little as she hit my body feels a *little* tweaked right now but really I'm FINE.

But OH My WORD!!!!

And don't worry--I NEVER ride Kurtis in the street in my basket & def NOT on MAIN streets...I only take him around the interior of my neighborhood---in case anyone was thinking that---cause I knew my DH would say that, first thing.


  1. Whew! Thank God you are ok!!!! ((Hugs))

  2. OH MAN! Praise the Lord it was nothing serious.

    I'm glad you are okay.


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