Thursday, June 10, 2010

O this lil' fella!

He has been waking up EARLY!!! Like 6:30am-I'm-not-exaggerating-early!  I really think it's another new tooth, but you just never really know.  He's been running a bit of a fever today & whiny.  He's not usually whiny.

Last two nights when I put him to bed, he woke up about an hour later. Frustrating for sure. Last night he did not even want to go to bed...he cried A LOT which is totally unusual behavior for him.

He's been chewing on his fingers and this morning he didn't want to eat a thing! Nothing! He cried when I put him in his seat. Poor guy.  He wont let me look into his mouth but I think I saw the pointer teeth buds on one gum. My poor guy. :(

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